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Godaddy Coupons 101 (Tutorial)

  • Click on the Green button under the coupon description
  • Our service automatically directs you to the godaddy website.
  • After clicking the green button the Godaddy promo code will be exposed
  • You can copy the code by highlighting it and pressing ctrl+c
  • Sign into your godaddy account and go to your shopping cart
  • You can paste your code in the “Redeem Coupon” section
  • update your cart and SAVE!!

Using Godaddy promo codes on

  • First get your godaddy coupon from webmaster promotions Godaddy promo codes
  • When you click the “Get $x.xx coupon code” a link to Godaddy will automatically open.
  • If you don’t already have your domain name in your shopping cart, you will need to search for the domain you wish to register and add it to your shopping cart. Most coupon codes only work for one domain, some may work for multiple domains.  If you wish to receive coupon discounts for each domain registration you may need to purchase individually and only have one code in your account at a time.
  • After adding your domain, scroll down to the bottom of the page near the shopping cart balance, on the left you will see “Have a promo code?” click on this link and a box will appear where you can enter your new coupon code.
  • If your dicount code does not reduce the balance in your cart, you may wish to read the trouble shooting sections listed below this bullet.

Godaddy-COM-Domain-Coupon-Code-0.99-1-Promo-Code-2014Issues with Godaddy Promo Codes

There are a few common reasons why your new Godaddy coupon codes are not showing the desired discount in your shopping cart.  Below i have listed a couple of the more common issues and the solutions that i found to these problems.

  1. Godaddy cart Balance doesn’t show savings

    From time to time some Godaddy Promo codes will for whatever reason, just not work.  You may see in your cart, after imputing your code that it says “You’re coupon code is active” but your savings are not showing up in your account.  I found that this typically happens when you try to use a coupon code after adding domains to your shopping cart.  The solution is to first write down or save a list of your domain names somewhere, then you need to empty your Godaddy shopping cart, you may need to log out of Godaddy and sign in again.  Then you need to add “one” domain name from your list of domain names you wish to register.  After adding one domain to your cart you need to go to your cart and insert your Godaddy Promo codes.  Your savings should now reflect in the balance of the Godaddy shopping cart.

  2. Godaddy Promo Codes not working (cctld)

    If your Godaddy coupon codes are simply not working, you may not be eligible for the savings offered by that coupon code.  Some Godaddy coupon codes are only available to be used in certain countries.  These Godaddy coupon codes typically all start with the same characters.  This will require some trial and error to see which coupons will work for your country.  Also, some Godaddy Promo codes are for ccTLD domain extensions.  So a coupon code for a .us domain registration will likely not work for a .de domain name registration.

  3. Godaddy Promo Codes not working

    I know this may be stating the obvious, but just so everyone is on the same page, most Godaddy coupon codes are only available to be used one time.  Therefore, if you have already used a $0.99 domain name registration coupon, you will likely not be able to use that code again.  You need to find different Godaddy coupon codes to use.  However, some domain name coupons will give savings for multiple domain name registrations.  Some will allow you to receive the discount for up to 4 domains.

At any time Godaddy may decide to delete a given coupon code or a group of coupon codes.  Check back from time to time to see if there are any updates on this page about expired domain discount codes.

Also, we have noticed that there has been a significant drop in godaddy coupon codes that are still working.  If you have tried to use a coupon code that you had not previously used and it does not work, please report it to us and we will remove that coupon code from our list.

Our goal is to supply our users with the most up to date list of “working” Godaddy coupon codes.  We strive to make your experience with webmaster promotions positive.  if you have any issues with our website and our domain discount codes, please contact us.

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